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Already happened, kids. Right here.

I feel like I need to be honest with you, Hanna.” He holds out his hand. “Come - I want to show you my playroom.”

“You have space for a pool table too? Wow, this place is really huge.”

He grabs hold of my ponytail as he steers me towards the door. “So naive,” he chuckles, and places a kiss on the nape of my neck, a kiss that thrills me to the tips of my toes. I don’t even smell ham this time.

“I have never shown another woman the inside of this room,” he says, as we reach the door of the playroom. It’s just a door - wood with a brushed steel handle. No heavy foreshadowing here.

Maybe that’s why I relax and maybe that’s why I’m shocked when he opens the door.

Holy crap.

Pink. So much pink. The floor is pink. The walls are pink and covered with pink shelving units. The only thing that isn’t pink are the ponies, colourful plastic ponies who smile down at me from every available inch of wall space. I remember the toystore and suddenly I understand.

“Oh my God…” I gasp. “Oh my God. You’re a…”

I feel his hand on my shoulder. “Yes, Hanna. I’m a brony.”

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Black Person in Yoga Class Causes Profound Moral Crisis






I’m actually slowly dying from the secondhand embarrassment 


White people be not only on a different level, but they be playing a completely different game on a different console. Whites I swear.

It’s like watching all the projection that goes on about “those poor, poor people in 3rd world countries” except, it’s like a 10:30 am yoga class 3 blocks down and some woman minding her own business in class.

The white feefees and pathology is deep.

read this shit on facebook. this white girl needs to sit in a hole forever. unless this woman is an admitted telepath she cant possibly know what that Black woman was thinking but her projection allows her to think she knows what she is thinking, so deeply to the point she cries at home after lmao. xojane don’t got an editing team or anything wtf?

You can’t say the six years of yoga didn’t pay off - few people have ever managed to get their heads this far up their asses.

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Lovely illustration of something I find myself explaining a whole lot. Art Nouveau (roughly speaking a pre-War movement) is curly and delicate, characterised by meandering curves and decorative detail. The inter-war Art Deco movement is distinguished by bright colours, strong lines and geometric shapes. The lamp in the lower right corner showcases one of the many geometric ‘sunburst’ designs especially beloved of Deco designers.

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